Custom Boxes
Metal Edge Int’l is a leader in the design and production of cutter boxes for cling film, foil, paper, gift wrap and other rolled materials. Our box converting capabilities combined with our cutting edge Application System (BME) provides us with the expertise to design and manufacture complete cutter boxes for most any dispensing application.
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Specialty Gift Wrap Boxes
Specialty gift wrap boxes are designed as a billboard to present the  roll design enclosed and to serve as a cutter box to dispense the desired length of gift wrap. By combining design, converting  and specifically our laminating and blading capabilities, Metal Edge Int'l provides a complete packaging solution for any specialty gift wrap application. Going forward,  the same package size and design works for any roll design.
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Branded Gift Wrap
Metal Edge Int'l provides custom printed cutter boxes for branded gift wrap, which is most commonly used in department and specialty gift stores. 
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Florist Wrap
Metal Edge Int'l designs display & dispenser boxes for cellophane / polypropylene used in the floral industry. With a 20" (50.8 cm) cutting edge applied to dispense the roll material and a windowed top panel to display the enclosed patterned / colored roll, each cutter box offers a  functional and compact package.
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Ex-Ray Film
Metal Edge Int'l manufactures x-ray film cutter boxes using one piece die-cut blanks with a cutting edge applied to the inside lid. The Metal Edge Profile blade provides the quality required for the application and offers an excellent mechanical bond to the carton.
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Metal Edge International is a leader in providing custom packaging solutions. From design through manufacture, our innovative packaging solutions offer answers not easily found elsewhere. Metal Edge International has extensive expertise in Metal Edge box design and converting, box assembly systems, folding carton manufacture, dispenser box design and manufacture, cutting edge and tear edge application systems, and custom blade solutions for the food service foil and film cutter box market, worldwide.