Metal Edge Int’l has been supplying the Metal Edge Box industry for over 41 years. In addition to manufacturing Metal Edge Boxes, Metal Edge Int’l supplies corner metal (Fastay) and Air-Stayers (together referred to as the "Metal Edge Box System”) to box manufacturers, converters and end users of Metal Edge Boxes. With Air-Stayers (and corner metal customers) in 14 countries, we have transferred our manufacturing expertise so that our customers can serve local and national markets that are within their control. The Metal Edge Box System offers converters (and users) a flexible, easy-to-operate, low-cost, value-added box assembly method.

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Metal Edge corner metal (Fastay) is the backbone of the Metal Edge Box. Produced in eight (8) colors and two (2) sizes, the Metal Edge corner offers an unequaled mechanical bond, giving any package design strength, protection, and a unique look. Metal Edge corner metal (Fastay) adds many features and benefits to any package design and gives package designers a new “Fresh” box assembly and finishing method.

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Air Stayer

Metal Edge Int'l Air-Stayers are designed to be used by semi-skilled labor to assemble a variety of sizes and styles of Metal Edge Boxes. Quick and easy to set-up, Air-Stayers fit most box finishing operations and produce quality Metal Edge Style Boxes.

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Metal Edge International is a leader in providing custom packaging solutions. From design through manufacture, our innovative packaging solutions offer answers not easily found elsewhere. Metal Edge International has extensive expertise in Metal Edge box design and converting, box assembly systems, folding carton manufacture, dispenser box design and manufacture, cutting edge and tear edge application systems, and custom blade solutions for the food service foil and film cutter box market, worldwide.